19 May 2013

[ Gillian ] - YA Face

Hi all. Since I don't want to change this Sim to conform to TSR uploading regulations (no non-barbie skins, yadda yadda yadda), I'm just going to upload her here. I've pre-ordered my Season 10 X-files comics and doing so put me in the spirit to make a Sim Gillian...or as close as I could get it to look like her, anyway.

I say it is a face because that is all you literally get, no CC or anything included.

NOTE : Remember to grab the CC I list, or your Sim will look HORRIBLE. CC is as linked bellow...

Skin : S-Club F1
Accessories : S-Club Eyelashes
Sliders : Bella and Johna

(You won't need the sliders unless you want to change Gillian's face to your liking.)

Sim is packaged with only base game hair and clothes. She should be all good to go in your game!

1 Apr 2013

First Look : Namine' Project

Hello all. Since I've had a little spare time from work over Easter, I've started a new project to work on which will keep me entertained.


Surprise! It's Namine' from Kingdom Hearts II, which I've wanted to create in TS3 for the longest time but haven't been able to find the right hair to do so. So, of cause, I've been creating my own. This is based off of a game mesh rip, but altered and shaped to fit correctly to a Sims 3 head. I'm not sure what to do about the colour channels though, as Namine's head is a little bit colour-muted, or that is to say that she carries all the colours needed for her hair in her diffuse map...which are black and white.
I'm sure I'll figure it out though. Wish me luck!

EDIT : Current in-game look.

27 Mar 2013

[ Project Dolly ] - Eyes

I'm back! And this time I present to you some dolly eyes, inspired by my BJD eyes. ^^
They are best to be used for cute doll-like Sims and look best when used with the HD mod.

I hope you enjoy them! Happy Easter!

18 Mar 2013

[ Surfs Up ] - Swimsuit

Hello guys. Sorry for my delay in uploading. Perhaps I can appease you by sharing this Japanese-style swimsuit for young adult and adult females?

I hope you enjoy and have a happy Easter!

12 Jan 2013

[ Super Neko Ears ] - Accessory

A cute pair of neko cat ears for your Sims! These can be used by both male and female for Teen, Young Adult and Adult.

This accessory is assigned to the hat_grip bone and for best placement on the head, use hat sliders to alter the headband. This gives the best effect when using with poofy hairs.
This accessory takes the place of glasses.

7 Dec 2012

[ Endless Night ] - Gumi Cosplay Set

Hi all, here is the much requested Vocaloid Gumi set to join Miku, Rin, Len and Megumi in your game.

This set includes...
- Gumi's goggles and headset
- Gumi's skirt
- Gumi's top
- Gumi's boots

This is not a pre-made Sim, this is a set of items to help you create your own Sim.


Hair - Newsea (voyage), Skin - Lemonleaf, Makeup - Lemonleaf


27 Nov 2012

[ Absolute ] - Megurine Luka Cosplay Set

Hi guys.

As per popular request, I've finally finished a Megurine Luka set to accompany my Miku, Rin and Len sets.
[ These are NOT actual Sims, but the clothing and accessories needed to build your own Sims. ]
As like the other three, this set is for Young Adult and Adult Females to use. Some people ask why I create them only for adults to use and the main reason is that adult versions have more options available in the game then say a child or teenager. As such, I make the sets for YA and A because that is the longest and probably main life-span you'd want to play these characters as. While a child-like Len may seem cute, once in game you'll probably get sick of him very quickly.

This set includes : A full outfit, stockings, shoes, arm band and necklace.
This set does not include : hair, head accessories (you can just grab my Miku earphones and recolour them) for Luka.


Photo credits : hair - Peggy, skin - LL, makeup - LL.
Please do not modify mesh without my concent. Feel free to package and re-upload with credit (non-TSRAA).

13 Nov 2012

[ Heavenly ] - Winged Boots

Hi all!
Here is a lovely pair of heavenly boots, topped with a set of cute wings on the ankles. Reminiscent of the Greek gods and fantastic legends, now your Sims can harness the same look.
Built with TSRW : )

- 2 presets
- 3 colour channels

[ Note: Some top textures overlap with these boots. For best effect, use full body outfits or short top styles! ]